With 91% of people watching more video today than they did a year ago, video production has become essential for companies to establish and promote their brand. As a result, the market is flooded with a horde of video and audio-visual production companies all promising to deliver your vision. Feeling lost? No problem. In this article, we present you with the 6 essential factors to consider when choosing the best audio visual production agency.

1. Portfolio

Most production agencies have an online video portfolio that demonstrates their skills and videography style. By looking at this portfolio, you can get an idea of the quality of their work and whether they can match your vision or not. If you decide to move forward with the company, you may even be able to draw on concepts from their previous work.

At Videorama, you don't need to overwork or brainstorm. We have creative minds that are here to listen to your needs and blow you away with concepts you've never seen before.

2. Niche

What can the company offer you that other video production companies can't? Look for a company that specializes in your niche, to make sure they are already experienced in that area of expertise. This can be as simple as "wedding videography" or incredibly specific like "cat parachute videography". Whatever your request, there is certainly a production agency specialized or experienced in this field.

Videorama offers you turnkey solutions with high level capabilities to realize your shoots with high quality equipment and technologies in different fields, horizons and landscapes.

3. Experience

An experienced company isn't necessarily a great entity, but it usually is; you don't survive long enough in the industry if you suck at your job. Don't be afraid to use novice video production services, but if you don't want to experiment, go with an established company that knows its stuff.

Since 1987, we have been assisting companies, institutions and associations with high value-added audiovisual production.Videorama is the easiest and most efficient way for you to produce and shoot in Morocco or elsewhere in Africa with state-of-the-art tools, talent like nowhere else, and local and continental expertise sought by the greatest.

4. Deadlines

If your video project needs to be completed by a specific deadline, you'll need to find a company that can effectively manage time. The last thing you want is to end up with a video that looks sloppy, or worse, is delivered late.

VIDEORAMA : Production, communication, audiovisual, video shooting, sitcoms, films, short and feature films, commercials are our know-how and above all our PASSION. We produce with LOVE and while respecting the deadlines to deliver satisfactory outcomes.

5. Clients

Again, an impressive portfolio of clients among the giants of the industry does not mean that the company is the best video production service available. But it is a clear indication that others seem to think so. A large client base adds credibility to the production company, so you won't have to worry about extensive research.

Videorama has been for several years the preferred partner in large accounts and national agencies that follow and trust us. Our know-how goes beyond borders as we also work for renowned international clients.

6. Logistics

Even if you are made for each other, logistical problems can arise between you and the video production company you have chosen. If your shoot takes place in an area that is inaccessible to the crew, or if the company does not have the necessary equipment to shoot your video, the production will fall apart.

At Videorama you don't have to worry about a thing. We have the necessary equipment, the expertise to make your films, documentaries, commercials, broadcasts ... in the best conditions with extensive possibilities of shooting in Morocco, a country that offers a great diversity of landscapes. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Sahara desert, we offer you a dive in the heart of the most beautiful cities of Morocco.

With 35 years of experience in production, communication and audiovisual, Videorama is a company of highly qualified and service-oriented audiovisual arts specialists, renowned as authorities in all related disciplines. We apply this vast experiential knowledge with a white-glove approach to a distinct set of clients who are themselves leaders in their respective market sectors. True to form, our goal is to be at the forefront of all technological and design advances, and to use these innovations for events of all kinds. The driving force behind what is, the wants, needs and vision of YOU, our revered customers. Videorama will partner with you by becoming your brand ambassadors, delivering your message with clarity, accuracy and maximum impact, while leaving your audience with a special and lasting memory.