Morocco is, for nearly a century, a land of welcome for filming,
from Orson Welles with his famous Othello, to Oliver Stone, through Hitchcock or
Scorcese ... Producers and directors of all backgrounds
see the answer to their needs, because in Morocco, we find :

  • Small Greek cities
  • Saudi souks
  • Swiss forests
  • Endless deserts
  • Snowy mountains
  • Privateers' ramparts
  • Surfers' beaches
  • Cities of the 20's, with Art Deco architecture
  • Dutch meadows

Morocco is 3500 km long and offers extraordinary landscapes of an impressive diversity.
Its geographical location, at the crossroads of continents, 3 hours flight from the largest European capitals, it's warm and temperate climate all year round, its natural sites of its traditional and contemporary settings make it the right destination for all your filming.

And for the shootings, we are not without: Remarkable expertise and know-how of audiovisual and film technicians in Morocco Numerous well-equipped filming studios Administrative and customs facilities, tariff and tax incentives for foreign productions A significant reduction in costs And of course, in Morocco, there is Videorama...

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